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Preping to leave Patreon

Posted by Penlink - August 2nd, 2020

I think that before I start, I would like to ask to ask my patreon subscribers to stop supporting me there, and go to my subscribeStar. I will be adding the missing limited tier there that I had on patreon, which wasn’t possible when I signed up with SubscribeStar at the time. I will also create a mega file with the patreon work in it as well.

So for a long while, I have been thinking about leaving patreon, due to my own experience with them, and after seeing some articles on Reddit. I’ve been hearing stuff and have decided to leave the platform due to their ill-treatment of the NSFW art community and content creators. It's more than a red flag when they start to claim ownership of the artwork posted there. Patreon admin also started “policing” content outside their website, demanding creators to adjust their galleries to Patreon's brand. Least should I forget about them forbidding a few artists to use similar services. Several actions which should get them into a major lawsuit.

Now with the way that they have acted for months it harder to upload content there and on Subscribestar. Hell, their actions effect the polls , so if imp Midna was done, they might use some asinine excuse; like saying she is a child, when Midna is older than 18. Something that has happened with a few artists, myself included with the Celia kirlia comic.

Now here’s the deal, most of the stuff on my patreon is publicity available, though it’s at a smaller size for the web. Minus the recordings, which I need to make more of. So I’ll be scrubbing my patreon of everything, as I don’t want those pricks to say they own my works. I’ll be placing them into a folder with mega and have it be on subscribestar as a link. Might take some time, but I’ll try to have it be done soon.

Otherswise sketches owed on Patreon will be done. THE missing tier will be added later on today or tommorrow depending on if I 'm feeling well or not.


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No way :( , why are you leaving Patreon?

Well, the way that the admin on Patreon has acting for the last couple of months has been terrible. it seems that whenever I go to twitter, there is another victim that shows up in the NSFW community there. Plus I have my own experience with patreon doing something to me as well.